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Everyone knows how to do something. Whether it's playing a guitar, dancing, gardening, carpentry, knitting, singing, painting, caring for a boa...we've all acquired certain skills in our lives, and it's only right that we should want to share the results of our creativity and also share with others what we've learned.
Art is one of the most complicated issues in our civilization, but since humanity became creative for survival reasons, in other words, since the beginning of times, Art became a tool for human expression. Art is not only what you do for enjoyment, it is also the self inner of an artist, the path, the major demand of our hearts.
An artist is some kind of philosopher, the difference is that we "write" the ideas with brushstrokes, carving, or charcoal. Every artist have his/her own point of view about the World, even a wide range of judgements about what the Universe really is or what the existence mean to us, however I think this happen to everybody else, it is part of human nature to try to unravel the mystery of Life. Sometimes seems incomprehensible, in fact, human thought is not clear when conflicts and doubts arise, but beauty, delusion, anguish, sorrow, joy, happiness, come together to shape a work of art, an exceptional creation that started with inspirational forces. 

On this site, I'm going to exhibit some of my paintings, photographs and Digital Art. And, of course, I'm very happy to have you as a guess!  Please get in touch and let me know what do you think of my Art work. If you are interested in Art investment or in one of my paintings, please don´t hesitate and contact me.
If you feel like using one of my photos or digital works in your Website, you are welcome to do it, but remember, the material is protected under international copyright laws and you must to mention the name of the artist, the name of the art work and the original source, and send a brief notification to Karin Aldrey via e-mail. I will appreciate your support on this matter.
Thank you very much!
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Music: The Spirit in the Lake,  
           by Elan Michaels

Close to the Sun, C.K.Aldrey
C.K.Aldrey. Cerca del Sol. Mixed Media on canvas.

Limitless Cosmos, Karin Aldrey
C.K.Aldrey. Cosmos Infinito. Mixed Media on Canvas.

C.K.Aldrey, Galactic Horse,
C.K.Aldrey, Caballo Galáctico, Mixed Media on canvas.

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